Russian climbing company, organizing expeditions all over the world

Why climb with us? There are couple of answers!

  • We are doing many different expeditions on most of popular mountains, so once you’ll like our services, you can save your time on looking for a good operator another time. Each new climb the quality will be guaranteed.
  • We are a small company (though with guides summited Everest without oxygen and K-2 with and without oxygen), so every client will always have a personal attitude.
  • Our general aim is your security and life and we are most concentrated on it though many companies are focused on summit result, despite how many people will keep on climbing later.
  • Everybody, who participated in an expedition with us will almost certainly have a discount on the next trip (except “test” trips).
  • For us money is not the main aim – we enjoy travelling with you and never will count every cent and make economy on you to save more for us.
  • We have “test” trips which can be good for those who wants to travel cheap and ready for some ocasional chalenge.
  • We have “Light Packages” for those who wants to travel independent but don’t want to think about the troubles of the trip.